Friday, April 17, 2009

More gifts for Rimu

Here are the little leather shoes I made for Rimu. Thanks Leanne for your generous help and all the materials too, including the leather needle. They will be perfect for when he starts to walk. In the meantime I think I had better make him a pair or two of cloth ones. Luckily Zheng's friend Emily has leant me her sewing machine for a few days. Today I hemmed a set of curtains and got them up again in time for Zheng to have a "new mother afternoon nap"

I will post photos of the sugar n cream cotton yarn I have bought for each of you. You will have to fight over the colours. But I am all inspired to try some yarn dying when I get back to NZ. See this post from my friend Kirsty, and you will see why... I know we can't use food colour for cotton, but I can use my Procion Dyes.

So my mission to you is to store or buy up light coloured pure wool, especially if you can get it from thrift shops. Then we can have a dying session in May. Grey, beige, cream will all work with what I have in mind!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Carol-Ann goes a little Retro

with a tie dyed T shirt for Rimu. Had a lot of fun with a dying session with the boyz in the summer holidays and this little T for Rimu was one of the results. Can't wait to do some dying together.

Cathy's Cotton Cloths

Cathy made a pair of sweet and soft cotton wash cloths for Rimu. They are just the right size for a baby. She generously gave him her first ever patterned cloth, using Dione's baby star cloth pattern,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hi From San Francisco!

Hi gals, and sorry I can't be with you to craft tonight. Thanks for your lovely gifts for Rimu: I will get the photos on the blog soon. Shopping at Michael's tomorrow, and I will also be checking out Joann's as soon as possible, so please send me any orders!!

Having such an inspiring time I have decided to start a new blog about the places my crafting takes me, and I don't just mean that "special place" we all need to retreat to from time to time. Its "Travels with my Trimmer". I will be getting my Queen of Scraps blog back on track in the next couple of days too.

It is lovely to have the time to catch my breath.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Welcome to Sew Crafty Mumma's.

We are a group of four very creative mum's who decided to join forces in mid 2008 so that we could have fun creating and learning new crafts.  We all have our own area's of expertise and are enjoying spending time once a week learning new skills and supporting each other in our own life challenges. 

On this blog, we hope to share some of our experiences as we get together every Monday evening!  You are most welcome to join us in our crafting journey...